Toy Drums 2

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Back again with that classic video gaming, home keyboard sound! Add the 8-bit, crunchy, lo-fi drums that the 80's gave us and bring your production into another
pixelated dimension. We've taken high quality samples of 9 vintage machines run through a classic preamp API and a sweet analog Neve tape emulator unit. To preserve their natural sound, we recorded the cleanest units available and didn't add any extra coloring beyond the units stated. Blip it up! 

  • Casio MT-45
  • Casio Rapman
  • Casio MT-205
  • Casio CT-6000
  • Yamaha PSS480
  • Casio PT-50
  • Casio MT-18
  • Omnichord OM84
  • Radioshack Electronic Drums