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Let us freak your sounds for you!

 It's super easy, just upload up to 50 sounds in .WAV format for us to then run through whichever unit you have specified. We offer a range of 8-bit samplers, 12-bit samplers, hardware FX units and also 4-track cassette tape. Instantly add some lo-fi mojo to your sound without having to buy, learn and record a vintage machine.

If you are going after a certain sound like over driven input samples or super distortion, let us know. One-shot drums or percussion will work best through these units as some have sample time limitations but synth, vocal, stabs and bass sounds can be done as well. If you want to run full drum breaks through that can be achieved with some tricks.

Sounds will be recorded out of the units and into our API preamp and Lavry A/D converter to send back to you. 72 hour turnaround time.

You retain ownership of the sounds sent to us and they will not be used by us for anything other than the service stated. You also agree to not use the sounds we have helped design in any commercial sample products, only in your music.

Here are the units we currently have available:

  • Akai S950-  Classic hip-hop 12-bit rack sampler with a variable rate.
  • Boss SP-202- 4 sample rates, with Lo-fi 1 mode being our favorite.
  • Casio SK-5-  Super lo-fi home keyboard
  • Casio RZ-1- Punchy drum sampler from Casio
  • DSI DSM-02 Character Module- drive+decimate yields some nice lo-fi sampler results
  • E-MU EMAX I - Kid brother to the SP1200 and Emulator samplers. Lo-fi and gritty.
  • E-MU SP-12 - Highly sought after 12-bit machine
  • Ibanez LF7 Lo-fi Pedal -Early 2000's excellent dirt pedal.
  • Korg DDD-1 - mid 80's drum machine with 12-bit sampling board. 
  • OTO Biscuit- 8-bit mangler. Everything from pseudo SP-1200 drums to distorted filtered damage.
  • Tascam Porta 03- 4 track cassette tape recorder
  • Roland SP-303- vinyl emulation and sought after compression, also a nice lo-fi mode. 
  • Yamaha VSS-30- Yamaha's answer to the SK line, Another 8-bit home keyboard classic.


If we are backed up on processing orders and cannot make the 72 hr time commitment, we will reach out via email to let you know.