Toy Drums

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We love that classic video gaming, home keyboard sound. The 8-bit, crunchy, lofi drums that the 80's brought us due to the limitations of the machines. Add another dimension to your production with these high quality samples of vintage machines and some odd tricks run through high quality preamps from SSL and API and a sweet analog Neve tape emulator unit. To preserve their natural sound, we recorded the cleanest units available and didn't add any extra coloring beyond the units stated. Blip it up!


Casio Mt-35
Casio Mt68
Casio Mt500
Casio Pt82
Casio Sk-1
Casio Sk-5
Casio VL-Tone
Hit Stix
Mattel Synsonics
Bee Gees Rhythm Machine
Yamaha PSS270
Yamaha PS-2