CAKE Layering toolkit

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Cake is meant for acoustic and synth drum emphasis, reinforcement, texture and experimentation. All analog and digital hardware based.

Drum layers- Sub kicks, pops, clicks, snaps, thumps, misused percussion, odd, contact mic & Foley layers

Bare 808 snare- The classic 808 snare at every setting (decay, tone & snappy) without noise. Add your own from the noise folder to make hybrid 808 snares!

Noise- Analog, Digital, Filtered, Lo-fi sampler, Home keyboard, Carbon mic, Metal, Electromagnetic, Chiptune, Distorted, Grit, Bit-Crushed, Found sound, Modular & Contact mic layers. 

Vinyl and tape wear -  Add the sound of worn vinyl records or mini cassette to your drums. Perfect as a textured alternate noise source.


About 1700 wav files, 24/96

1.7gb unzipped