Booming Kick Destruction 2: 808s

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Alright, so we decided to make some more disgusting, destroyed 808 style booming kick drums from our drum machine collection. This time we used our trusty Boss Sp202 on lofi2 mode for some nice grittiness as well as a classic DOD Grunge distortion pedal to make buzzy kicks that will slice through any cell phone speaker. We've processed the original kicks from the first volume through these two new units as well as the new machines and we've also included all the new additions for volume 2 as clean kicks so you can process them yourself.


The new machines added are:

  • Akai Tom cat
  • Akemie's Taiko
  • Ehx Super Space Drum
  • Korg Volca drum
  • MFB 301 Pro
  • Mode Machines ADX-1
  • Moog DFAM
  • Syncussion clone
  • Vermona DRM1
  • WMD Crater module