GAMEBOY SYNF (Digital Download)


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  • Every waveform, note and variation was recorded from a modded Nintendo GAMEBOY unit's sound chip into and through analog hardware (API 512 Preamp, Neve 542 and Lavry Converters.)
  • Full note range of the GAMEBOY; 61 keys, infinitely looped.
  • Triangle, Pulse waves all at 4 duty cycles, Noise channel and bonus videogame fx.
  • Includes Pulse wave full rises and falls; fast, medium and slow for those classic fades and blips
  • Super Fat bass patch processed with the Little Labs Voice of God module (VOG) & 542
  • Playable via Midi keys and/or pads with your favorite software sampler (i.e. Kontakt, EXS24, Maschine, etc)
  • Includes all WAV files as well (little under 1200 sounds)
  • 1.7GB Download, Wav, Kontakt & Soundfont format (.sf2)*
  • 2.5GB Unzipped

 *Check your soft sampler manual for .sf2 compatibility