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Our third volume of Lo-fi, 8-bit, chiptune, toy and home keyboard drum samples. Every sound from these vintage and modern pieces have been run through a sweet API preamp and a Rupert Neve analog tape rack. All units included have their own natural quirks, noise and character because we use actual hardware and not any sort of emulation or software equivalent. 

Below are the pieces recorded for BLIPTRON 3:

  • Sega Genesis console (Yamaha FM chip)
  • Nanoloop mono Gameboy DMG analog synth cart
  • Casio MT68 keyboard
  • Mutable Instruments Edges module
  • Mutable Instruments Anushri 
  • Yamaha PSS270 & 480 keyboards
  • Vintage Simon handheld game
  • Teenage Engineering PO-14, 24 & 28 pocket operators
  • Gakken SX150mkII toy analog synth
  • C64 Vintage PCM cart drum machines
  • Sega PCM 808 samples
  • And more


Over 1300 24bit/96Khz Wav files

250 MB unzipped

Also included are 16bit/44.1Khz Wav files for legacy samplers