A.C.T. (Analog Clap Toolkit) (Digital download)


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 The Handclap. Used in many different genres over just the past 40 years. Soul, disco, funk and neo-soul instantly come to mind. Right before the change from rhythm boxes to full fledged analog drum machines in the early 80's there was a need for a machine that would allow the user to dial in a clap sound and then trigger for live or studio use. Most of these machines filled that need. (a few are insanely rare now)


 These Analog units attempt to emulate the sound of a group of human hands clapping in unison. Each piece sounds distinctly different, while using no digital samples at all. Some being more of a primitive sound of a lofi drumbox and others acheiving that classic disco and funk clap you've heard on many classic songs.


We've recorded every clap available on these units, as well as what we call building blocks, which are the individual clap and noise channels across all knob settings. With the building blocks you can then build your own claps through layering and the use of your ADSR envelopes and filters. Every sound was recorded into an API 512c preamp and also through the RUPERT NEVE 542 Tape Emulator for added coloring. 


Gear Utilized:

  • Simmons/Musicaid Analog Claptrap
  • Delptronics Thunderclap
  • Boss Handclapper HC-2
  • Lell Clapper
  • Mpc Electronics The Clap
  • Touched By Sound Clapcussion ACM-2
  • Dave Smith Instrument Tempest

     All units run through the API 512C preamp and Neve 542 Analog tape emulator



    Over 650 Sounds

    Wav 24/96


    340mb Unzipped. 


    Demo by TROX!