808 VS Vol. 1 (Digital Download)


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   The Roland 808 is quite possibly the most famous and most coveted drum machine of all time. We decided to take our vintage unit and give it to you a number of ways. First we have every clean sound and setting through our API pre and Rupert Neve 542 analog tape emulator. Then we decided to get gritty and LOFI, utilizing our Akai s950 sampler, Boss sp202 sampler, Dave Smith instruments Dsm-02 character module and BONUS commodore 64 cart 808 samples!

Clean 808 samples. Everything is accounted for to bring you legit 808 samples you can incorporate into your productions.

808 Versus:

  • Akai s950 10k rate (w/playable Kontakt/Soundfont patches. 3 Long Bass drum, 1 Cowbell )
  • Boss SP202 (Lofi 1 setting)
  • Dave Smith Instruments DSM-02 character module (Decimate & Drive)
  • BONUS Commodore 64 super gritty cartridge samples

24bit/96khz wavs

415mb unzipped, 380 files.