Modular Damage (Digital Download)


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Come join our modular world where exotic analog and wavetable oscillators pair with vintage filter circuits, digital noise with woody timbral gates, random voltage sources with snappy envelope generators. The patch cord is the link. The results are tonally rich drums and insane loops you won't find anywhere but here. Using a lovely Eurorack system we have designed tons of sequences for you to loop and chop with some distinctly modular drum sounds for you to program and layer into your compositions. 


Gear Utilized during recording:

  • Make Noise- Phonogene, Maths, Optomix, Rene, Pressure Points and Brains, Function
  • Intellijel- Shapeshifter, Rubicon, uFold, Plog
  • Malekko/Wiard- Noisering, Anti-Oscillator, Borg 1
  • STG Soundlabs- Post-Lawsuit LPF, .Mix
  • Mutable Instruments- Tides
  • Tiptop Audio- Z3000 mkII
  • AMSynths- AM8060se JP6 Filter
  • Doepfer- A102 Diode LPF
  • Harvestman- Polivoks VCF

Kicks, snares, hats, claps, lasers, zaps, loops and sequences. 


24/96 wav files

Just under 400 sounds.

330mb unzipped